Pool Salt Systems Setup

Why should you switch your pool to salt chlorination?

  • Salt chlorination is a safer alternative to your pool's chlorination
  • No need to use granular or liquid chlorine
  • No red eyes or itchy skin anymore
  • No more chemical smells or harsh odors 
  • Reduction of chemical maintenance costs by around 50%

Did you ever think that chlorine can be applied by salt water to your backyard pool? Instead of directly adding chlorine to the water, the salt chlorine generator is a chlorinator that uses electrolysis to break down the salt and then applies chlorine.

A Salt water pool provides several advantages over conventional solutions of chlorine. Salt on your skin is much gentler and the removal of chlorine bleach can save a lot of money in the long run.

Salt chlorination system pool

Automation Systems 

Imagine you can control every part of your pool from your fingertips. Pro Pool Builder install top-of-the-range pool systems to monitor your pool and backyard entirely on any mobile, tablet, home network or base device.

The system of pool automation can be as easy or complex as the customer needs. Each framework can be extended to meet the unique needs of each customer.

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