Professional Pool Services in El Paso, TX

Do you want a lovely pool in your backyard? Or, if you already have one, do you consider remodeling its to catch up with trends?

Whatever you want, as long as it is within our realm of pool expertise, we promise to get you covered.

Our company is open to a broad spectrum of services from spa, pool, hot tub installation, pool heater maintenance, overhaul of residential and commercial pools to pool chemical service, pool liner assembly, and the list goes on.

We are happy to take enquiries for pools, tubs, spas and water features within a 1 hr radius of El Paso.  Please call us and tell us what you need done. We do our best and partner with local pool contractors to help you fast.  
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Pools Construction Starting At $30k 
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Are You Looking for A reliable Pool and Spa Company Near El Paso?

You have come to the right place, we are a team of highly-qualified pool constructors that handle any pool-related services in and near El Paso, Texas area.

Unlike general contractors whose main focus is not solely on pool construction, our pool builders specialize in pool building. We only broker progress, not procrastination.

Besides, we have the sought-after qualities you require in a licensed, local contractor.

Highly Experienced

Having accumulated a wealth of experience in designing and constructing custom swimming pools, our pool experts know where to start and how to take you by the storm with the up-to-scratch results.

Our building teams have an enviable portfolio of completed masterpieces; that is some of the most spectacular swimming pools that won't break the bank.

Top-notch Quality

If you opt for an amateurish pool company, feel no surprise if the quality is substantially compromised. 

We will present to you a team of professional pool constructors who will focus on delivery quality pool and on-promised-time. 

They have a technical mastery and the ability to handle problems that come in the way, such as unfavorable weather conditions, material incompatibility, etc. 

You will receive advise from our experts to use your pool in the right way which will help it remain in the best quality as new.
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What We Offer?

We want to make sure your pool is well-built and well-tended, so we offer these top-notch services.

Swimming Pool Installation

Pool installation is our main focus, so your dream pool is left in our experts' capable hands. Pool installation is a matter of choosing the right location, right timing, right materials and a trusty designer. And this is how we get things done for you.

First, we will have a thorough research of your living space, and together you and our team will reach a consensus over the most suitable location for the pool. 

There are many pool types such as commercial pool, outdoor pool, backyard pool, above ground pool, vinyl pool, fiberglass pool, so your choices are endless.

The size and construction method are a matter of taste, but our professional team will work on the most prospective approach to benefit the build. Usually if your living space is roomy enough, we will suggest having a vinyl pool. 

Or if you prefer an in-ground pool, we recommend the installment of fiberglass one. Design is not by any scratch a breezy. But if needed, you can consult us on an advanced, affordable pool designer as we may know better.

Pool excavation lies at the core of the whole building project. It requires heavy machinery and exquisite craftsmanship of the pool makers. 

That's why we give our word for offering a mess-free excavation while ensuring the perfect accuracy in digging and framing. Before leaping into action, we will consider possible oversights and go the extra mile to mitigate them.

Pool Equipment Installation

By this time, your desire to take a refreshing dip in the newly-built swimming pool is close to reality as soon as the pool gets its water filled up. That's why you need us for extra equipment installation.

We are responsible for installing pumps, filters, heaters, and any safety devices to protect swimmers. The swimming pool usually comes with many ancillary tools, which we will set up all for you as well. Besides, we also cover such services as pool liner installation, pool chemical service, pool demolition at negotiable cost.

Hot Tub,  Jacuzzi and Spa Installation

Not only do we cover pool installation, but we also take care of hot tub, spa and jacuzzi delivery and spa installation.

Pool Maintenance

Nothing is more pleasant than having a sparkling clean swimming pool to submerge yourself in during the scorching summer months, or a heated pool to get you through winter.  

That’s why our pool makers also help you with pool maintenance and pool repair if you wish to. 

Our pool maintenance is a one-off or regular service that dedicates to the caring of the pool, including leaf and debris vacuuming, chemical testing, refilling, etc.

Pool Winterizing

Fearing your pool cannot brave the winter's ravages, you can have recourse to our pool winterizing service.
If you need pool heater maintenance, please call us or use the contact form. 

Pool Tiling, Plastering & Pool Repair

Do you want to protect your valuable investment? If yes, let us do the trick. As a top pool company, we also offer the exhausting service of pool tiling or pool plastering. 

As for pool tiling, we undertake repairs for damaged or missing tiles you have. Missing tiles, with their sharp edges, might pose a serious risk to users. Thus, you should have it fixed as soon as possible.

Also, if you crave a smooth stroke and a pleasing appeal for your swimming pool, we will pool plaster it for you. 

That means we give the pool a protective coating and a watertight seal to protect its surface and enhance the overall appearance.

Reason to Choose Us

We Treat You As Our Friends

We are willing to listen to your desire for a dream pool, and we will help to materialize that ambition of yours.

With our commitment to efficiency and transparency, we never fail to offer a plus reliable pool service in El Paso, Texas.

We Cover All Pool, Spa, Hot Tub or Jacuzzi Needs

We offer a wide range of pool, spa, jacuzzi and hot tub services to cater to customers' individual needs.

If any problems arise with your pool, you don't have to struggle alone since we will give you a hand in the form of consultation, maintenance services, or advice-giving.

Still, we can, if you need, offer pool remodeling, pool renovation to shower your pool with a brand-new, rejuvenating look. We also complete pool handover and many more.

Experienced & Well Trained Team

Our team are made up of the cream of the crop in the community of pool makers. They are individuals with unrivaled skills, unyielding dynamism, and devotion to their tasks.

Our professional employees are well-trained with premium tools and endless practices. It is through constant trial and error that they finally make it to the top like today.

You can totally give us your faith as such a big brand of spa and pool contractor El Paso Texas as ours will never ever let any customers down.

Quality & On Time Delivery Guaranteed

Don't you know pool building is a real hassle in that a lot of cumbersome and heavy machinery has to come into play at a time to get things to work properly?

With that in mind, we incessantly revolutionize our tools and equipment to obtain greater speed and work productivity.

Armed with high-end technology, we can advance our ability to inspect and repair our clients' pools; and spas, offering the precise repair service.

After all, our goal is to keep abreast of new pool construction methods and deliver the most trend-catching and comfortable swimming pools and spas.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of pools does your building team focus on?

We offer various building services for pools, including private pool, commercial pool, outdoor pool, backyard pool, in ground and above ground pool, vinyl pool, fibreglass pool, and custom-designed ones.

We also offer spa, hot tubs and jacuzzi delivery and installation.

How long does a pool- building project take?

One construction takes around 6 to 12 weeks to be perfectly done, depends on your inquiry. 

At times, working at a highly effective pace can somehow reduce the time by a tiny sliver. 

But the saying goes "Haste makes waste"; hence, we want to get it step by step. But as a reassurance, we will exert ourselves to meet the deadline and present to you a terrific final result. 

Send us for inquiry for detail estimate.

What are the factors that affect the price?

The price is hands down nothing to sneeze at. Usually, it depends on some standard features of the pool, such as size, type, depth, etc. 

Sometimes, however, it is decided by your special requirements. Do you want it to take a unique shape, a violin-shaped, for example? Do you want to have a spa or jacuzzi in it? 

What are the most expensive types of pool?

The types of pool that land at the highest spot in the price scale are concrete and gunite pools. These two swimming platforms give more flexibility and thus are more sophisticated to establish.

How much space does a customary pool take?

To accommodate a standard pool, your surface must be roomy enough between 600 and 900 square ft.

It's Time to Treat Yourself a Really Nice Pool!

Dry heat and no moisture; that's the summer in El Paso. Now, seek around for a few perfect get-away from the unbearable weather and name it off the top of your head. 

You may think of masks, ice-cream, a shelter in an air-conditioned room, etc. But the most enjoyable solution is to dip your body in the soothing water of your inground swimming pool.

Having said that, you can have a go at our pool building service in El Paso, Texas. The most reasonable testament to our quality and service is client satisfaction. 

Thus, we employ all the resources we have to offer you a top-notch building and pool cleaning service.

We are happy to take enquiries for pools, tubs, spas,  jacuzzis and water features within a 1 hr radius of El Paso. 
Address: 3112 Flax St, El Paso TX 79925
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