Pool Closing and Winterizing Service

After another fantastic swimming season, it's time to plan your swimming pool for the winter. To ensure your swimming pool is prepared to survive the harsh winter months, let Pro Pool Builder close your pool and give you peace of mind throughout the winter.

Swimming pool closing services include:

  • Chemical closing kit
  • Filter Backwash or Cartridge Cleaning
  • Inspection and cleaning of salt cells when necessary

Pool Closing Winterizing Serivce

Inground Pool Closing/Winterizing

Inground Pool Closing Equipment

  • Winter equipment, pumps, filters, chemical feeders or salt systems, lights and heaters 
  • Remove ladder, pump baskets, return eyeballs and skimmer.
  • Blow out lines.

Duck Plug System Inground Pool Closing

  • Winterize equipment, pump, filter, heater, light.
  • Remove ladder, pump baskets, return eyeballs and skimmer.
  • Using the duck plug system to blow out lines.

Duck Plug With Safety Cover Inground Pool Closing 

  • Equipment for wintering, pump, filter, lamps, chemical feeder, slide, and heater.
  • Remove safety rope, ladder, pump baskets, return eyeballs and skimmer.
  • Using the duck plug system to blow out lines.
  • Add a safety cover.

Pool Heater Maintenance

  • Pool heater repair, replacement or installation

When to schedule the pool closing services

Much of this topic will depend on your personal interests, the weather and your pool equipment. As a reference, we tell our customers the best time to close your In-Ground after the long weekend in September.

Keep in mind to arrange your dates of operation between 10 September and 20 October.

Advanced Equipment

At Pro Pool Builder we use specialized techniques and equipment to winterize your pool, pipes and equipment properly.

Our highly skilled professionals are responsible for all seasonal activities, including cleaning leaves and vacuum, draining and decreasing pool water levels, applying the necessary chemicals and skimmer safety devices and installing your cover tightly to avoid debris entering and damaging your liner.

Our process guarantees the protection and longevity of your pool.